Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Household Notions

There is an article in the National Post today about the show I am participating in at the Telephone Booth Gallery. You can read the online version HERE.The article depicts through words the lovely work of Noelle Hamlyn, Pam Lobb, Dorie Millerson and Lizz Aston and there is even a little description of my work. What I really liked about the article though is that it highlights our convictions in the work and why they are important. Noelle had a really good quote where she said "Textiles are something that follows us through life," she says, pointing to the blankets that swaddle us as infants and shroud us in the grave. "They can be both comforting and almost repulsive or repelling at the same time." She also talked about why our art is so accessible because textile pieces have life stories inherently embedded in them and that in turn makes them have an identifiable meaning.

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