Friday, 4 November 2011

Vancouver Sun!

So the craft show season is really ramping up..... So exciting and yet so nerve racking at the same time. This will be my first time really testing the West Coast market with my hand made goods and I have all these questions going through my head. Will they like my stuff? Will they like the pricing? Will I get any positive or negative feedback? Who knows.... As part of the advertising Make It! had an article in the Vancouver Sun and I was featured! How Exciting! You can see it HERE

I have been also trying to design and create some new ornaments for all these shows with my new favourite medium, polymer!

These little guys are not only fun they are also facsimiles of some of Canada's endangered birds. I am going to be giving donations from the proceeds to Nature Canada. It is so hard at the Holiday season to decide on charities to donate to but wildlife and our environment are connected to everything. I will also be working on some ideas for the Cancer Society of Canada as that is a cause that I feel can always use some donations as it affects everyone.


  1. Hi Amanda! I'm so glad we met at Make It this past weekend... I was so excited to see your barn owl figurines (lol yes, the ones that you hadn't even finished yet!)!! I'm so glad I caught a glimpse of them and that made me stop by and get to know you. I checked out your site and you make some really pretty and unique items! Let me know when you make more owls :)

    Here's that Owl Canada place I was telling you about in Delta (that helps rescue and foster birds of prey)

  2. Parker! These are the cutest ever!