Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Household Notions*
Whether inspired by a character in a novel, or the ability of thread to link elements together, a narrative quality runs through each of the works in Household Notions. Textiles have a rich history that speaks to women and craft. These multi-layered sculptures explore domestic textiles, including needlework and crochet and the personal relationships, memories, and attachments that are formed with handmade objects and the narratives that can be created with them. Alternative mediums such as glass, paper and porcelain expand upon our expectations of conventional textile patterns and constructions. Just as textiles degrade and fade with time, some textile references have been deconstructed, leaving residual impressions that reflect upon the absence of the object that was there before. Themes for exploration include fragility, intimacy, strength and tension.
*Notions are small items for household use such as needles, buttons and thread. A notion can also be a belief, an idea or a whim. Here’s a household notion for you: Call your mother.

This show is going to be so great! The exhibition starts November 30th with the opening on December 1st 6 to 9pm. The show will run until January 28th. Artists included are myself :) Pam Lobb, Lizz Aston, Noelle Hamlyn, and Dorie Millerson. 

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