Thursday, 22 August 2013

New City, New Space, New Beginnings

So first of all I must apologize. The Marian + Hazel blog has been quite neglected for a while now. My studio was packed up and work was put on hold for a little while as my partner and I moved! We travelled from New Westminster BC over the beautiful Mountains with all of our possessions in a very bumpy Uhaul to the sunny city of Calgary AB. This past week has been full of new discoveries which often happen when you move to a completely new place. New neighbours (so friendly), new sounds (or lack thereof) new smells (we have so many trees!) and new spaces. We moved from a small condo to a house and although it is a small house the added space feels massive and never-ending. It is also so nice to have a yard again and the best part...... I now have a double car garage in which my new studio will reside! I am so excited! So from here on in I will try my bestest to not neglect the blog and instead try to document the new studio creation.
               Beautiful river valley outside of Kamloops seen on the way to Calgary

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